ash (wlshfulxthinker) wrote,

i said i wasn't going to write the exact same thing that i wrote in my DJ, but i lied.

so i haven't written in here for along time...

sat.- i went to jenns really early in the morning and later cam took us to the mall. i saw a million people again. i swear, i never go to the mall, but in the past week ive gone 3 times and its insane. Of course i saw brian, but then again i see him every single flipping place i go. katie's mom came and got us and we just went back to her house. we went for a walk and it started to rain, hard. we kept walking and i happened to run into jake and michael and other people. then i just stayed at katies all night.

sun- i came home for maybe an hour just to shower and eat and then i went with rachel to a movie, and then we picked up jenn and went to steak n shake. mmm i missed their shakes. then we picked up liz and went back to the greiders. i just stayed there all night.

mon- went to practice and came home. went to jakes and then to the skatepark. i got to see henry on his birthday so yay! jake deffinatly got chewed out by some wigger and it was kinda funny. went home and ate dinner. then sarah melissa and russ stoped by so i just went with them to had out flyers downtown and then to tc buzz, where of course brian is working, cause i see him everywhere.

and that was my weekend.

I noticed that i don't really get to see a lot of you guys anymore. so if you ever want to hang out leave a message or something, okay!?

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