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OHMYGOSH! yeah, im actually updating.
I got out of school early for the chiddix tournament. we brought bloomington to three matches! we lost, but i was still ecstatic because they won the tourny last year, and we've never done that before. OH YEAH I GOT TO SEE CORINNA AND MAKK!!!! i really miss all of them, they made me happy. hey if any of you guys read this, will you call me some weekend? i miss you all like mad. anyways, we got done around 7:30 and courtney, emily, amanda, and i dashed out to court and em's car to try to get to teh movie which started at 7:15. none of us ended up going because our parents were like "ahh were ghey!" so yeah i came home and tried to write my u-high essay but of course i ended up wasting away my night online.
we had to wake up early and go to chiddix for the rest of the tourney. after we played kingsley we all decided to walk downtown. we went our seperate way to jimmy johns, la bamba, and boo boos dog house but eventually all met up at the coffeehouse. i love that place. nothing can get me out of a bad quicker than sitting in a booth, drinking my coffee and reading the indy. and on top of that i was with my friends! well i guess we forgot to tell our coach we were leaving and she called us and said to get our butts back there because they games were going by fast. we didnt know if she was mad so we decided to stop at the pet shop and we all put our money together to buy her a fish. we named him Petey and he's cooler than you. so we go finally get back and she was about ready to yell at us but then we pulled out the fish and she just started laughing and said nothing more. so i came home and died my hair. im kinda pissed because it doesnt look much different and i just wasted seven bucks. i picked up court and em around 6 we went to el paso for johnathan and adams birthday show! IT OWNED!!! our bride to be (my brothers band) played live for the first time ever and it made me sooo happy seeing him up there singing, correction SCREAMING, his lungs out and doing what he loves. every other breath, brian's band, played second and they also were amazingly awsome! SECRETARY played next and there are SO FREAKING AMAZING its not even funny. i LOVE their energy. the lead singer got in the moshpit while STILL singing, who else does that!? we were dying of second hand smoke so we left before the radio scene played. i was also ecstatic to see some of my lovers including chee, laurie, sarah, teej, jake, lorellin + others. i hadent seen them in forever either!
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