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Tonight I'd rather be in love [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Oct 2005|06:00pm]
LyKE CaN YEw Saay Be-St BiRFdAY EVA!?

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[22 Aug 2005|01:56pm]

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer.

Yesterday I went to Eastview with Andy. I love it there. It makes me happy and comfortable, something Epiphany has never done for me. After that I went to Laurie's. Madi came and we went to Sally's and got some supplies. Then went back to Laurie's and Madi dyed her hair. Henry, Michael, and Trevor came later too. It was fun.

bang x bang x13: they weren't SPACESHIPS, they were NEON GOLACTOR WARSHIPS!

Man, I loves me some Laurie King.

Today I went to the mall and got this dress.

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[19 Aug 2005|03:36pm]


I also re-did my DJ layout so check that out here

same band, different background and such

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[16 Aug 2005|06:56pm]
inro computer app. - lambert
spanish 2 - lord
reg. world studies - ?
homeroom - klokkengak
algebra - lehr
lit & comp. - garard
honors bio - o'donnell
wellness - whitney

commercial art - hinman
honors bio - o'donnell
reg. world studies - ?
homeroom - beaty
algebra - lehr
woc - scott
spanish 2 - hirst
wellness - patrick

tell me if we have anything together. especially lunch =( but i have pe last both semesters!! =)
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i said i wasn't going to write the exact same thing that i wrote in my DJ, but i lied. [16 Aug 2005|01:17pm]
so i haven't written in here for along time...

sat.- i went to jenns really early in the morning and later cam took us to the mall. i saw a million people again. i swear, i never go to the mall, but in the past week ive gone 3 times and its insane. Of course i saw brian, but then again i see him every single flipping place i go. katie's mom came and got us and we just went back to her house. we went for a walk and it started to rain, hard. we kept walking and i happened to run into jake and michael and other people. then i just stayed at katies all night.

sun- i came home for maybe an hour just to shower and eat and then i went with rachel to a movie, and then we picked up jenn and went to steak n shake. mmm i missed their shakes. then we picked up liz and went back to the greiders. i just stayed there all night.

mon- went to practice and came home. went to jakes and then to the skatepark. i got to see henry on his birthday so yay! jake deffinatly got chewed out by some wigger and it was kinda funny. went home and ate dinner. then sarah melissa and russ stoped by so i just went with them to had out flyers downtown and then to tc buzz, where of course brian is working, cause i see him everywhere.

and that was my weekend.

I noticed that i don't really get to see a lot of you guys anymore. so if you ever want to hang out leave a message or something, okay!?

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[23 Jun 2005|09:48pm]
I'm sorry, I can never make everyone completely happy. Maybe im selfish. But i hope you dont hate me..
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[08 May 2005|09:45am]


Warped Tour (Minneapolis, MN)

Wyldlife Camp (Michigan)

The Get Up Kids/Straylight Run (+ Many Other Shows)

More Friends Getting Their License (:D)

Realy 4 Life (=24 Hour Party?)

Chase Moving Next To Me (because thats how we do)


Friends! (♥ ♥ ♥)
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[12 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
friday- i dont really feel like writing in DJ, haha so im writing in here. Last night my brother picked me, sam, kristin, and chase up. we came home and watched saw. we decided to eat pizza and GUESS what happenes. all of a sudden about 7 patrol cars go screaching in accross the street and they all get out with their guns. Eventually they caught the guy and he was the one who stole the car and murdered that one guy and stuffed him in the back of the stolen car. it was rather scary in the dark basement after that. mitch and ian came over and we wated the rest of saw and a clockwork orange. chase cuddled with me :] then he kissed me :]

saturday- me and nina went to illini elite tryouts. it was grand.
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[08 Mar 2005|07:42am]
I lost today. I'm not okay. Heart break. A fake smile. & 2000 miles. :(
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[26 Feb 2005|01:25pm]
wednesday- i spent half the day at u-high and i saw mr.u-high? and a bunch of other people. and i talked to chris mottos (spell?) for like 2 minutes. haha.

thursday- (got out of school early and went to kingsley.it was the best day ever we were waiting in the gym because they;re school was just getting out and i see chase walk by so i open the door and yell "CHASEEEE" and he comes and gives me a big bear hug. then me and katie finally convinced coach to let us out into the hall to get "food" but i had a major panic attack and saw all my best friends. haas+chase+collin+jared+graham+corrina+sarah+livi+makk+everyone else = ♥

friday- picked up jake around 6 and mi padre took us to champign. we were there realy early so we wondered around the union hall. that place is pretty freaking big. uhm then i guess the door to the courtyard cafe decided to like us and it opened for us? it was rather amazing because it locked for everyone else. so we go in there and all the bands are warming up. so we just walked up and sat at this little table for like 2 hours untill the started letting kids in. SO WE DIDNT HAVE TO PAY! speedwell played first and they were surprisingly very good. the waking ashland played and im marrying the keyboardist/singer. ive never met a more beautiful man. the the snake the cross the crown played and they were also pretty darn good. then was MURDER BY DEATH!!! sarah is my hero. she plays electric cello. flipping amazing. jake's going to marry her. uhm show got over at 12 and then i feel asleep in the car haha i woke up at 1 and jake was still sleeping. it was cute. got home around 1:30 and then died.
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[07 Feb 2005|05:54pm]
OHMYGOSH! yeah, im actually updating.
I got out of school early for the chiddix tournament. we brought bloomington to three matches! we lost, but i was still ecstatic because they won the tourny last year, and we've never done that before. OH YEAH I GOT TO SEE CORINNA AND MAKK!!!! i really miss all of them, they made me happy. hey if any of you guys read this, will you call me some weekend? i miss you all like mad. anyways, we got done around 7:30 and courtney, emily, amanda, and i dashed out to court and em's car to try to get to teh movie which started at 7:15. none of us ended up going because our parents were like "ahh were ghey!" so yeah i came home and tried to write my u-high essay but of course i ended up wasting away my night online.
we had to wake up early and go to chiddix for the rest of the tourney. after we played kingsley we all decided to walk downtown. we went our seperate way to jimmy johns, la bamba, and boo boos dog house but eventually all met up at the coffeehouse. i love that place. nothing can get me out of a bad quicker than sitting in a booth, drinking my coffee and reading the indy. and on top of that i was with my friends! well i guess we forgot to tell our coach we were leaving and she called us and said to get our butts back there because they games were going by fast. we didnt know if she was mad so we decided to stop at the pet shop and we all put our money together to buy her a fish. we named him Petey and he's cooler than you. so we go finally get back and she was about ready to yell at us but then we pulled out the fish and she just started laughing and said nothing more. so i came home and died my hair. im kinda pissed because it doesnt look much different and i just wasted seven bucks. i picked up court and em around 6 we went to el paso for johnathan and adams birthday show! IT OWNED!!! our bride to be (my brothers band) played live for the first time ever and it made me sooo happy seeing him up there singing, correction SCREAMING, his lungs out and doing what he loves. every other breath, brian's band, played second and they also were amazingly awsome! SECRETARY played next and there are SO FREAKING AMAZING its not even funny. i LOVE their energy. the lead singer got in the moshpit while STILL singing, who else does that!? we were dying of second hand smoke so we left before the radio scene played. i was also ecstatic to see some of my lovers including chee, laurie, sarah, teej, jake, lorellin + others. i hadent seen them in forever either!
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[07 Feb 2005|05:31pm]

sorry that ive been neglecting to write in here ♥

but add me! and if you dont have one, make one, and then add me!
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[13 Nov 2004|10:15pm]

i hate my eyes, how about you?Collapse )

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[07 Nov 2004|12:34am]
new layout... kinda
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[24 Oct 2004|11:26am]
i was gonig to write about a shiat load of things but then i talked to glo. love you gloriaaaaaa <3
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[20 Oct 2004|04:34pm]

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

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[04 Oct 2004|08:50pm]
6 days 3 hours 9 minutes 57 seconds
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[01 Oct 2004|09:54pm]
I hate how sometimes I care too much. I know these things shouldn't bother me, I mean we're not going out or anything. But when he makes out with other girls it still just bothers me. He knows this, and he says it's strictly hormones. "There's something more with you.." blah blah blah. I'm sitting writing this, while hes out having fun. Yea I really suck and fail at this whole concept of Life.
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[01 Oct 2004|09:42pm]
Today is Haas' birthday. And I just realized how much I miss him. And I miss how me, him, and Krysten used to be really close. I haven't seen him since like the middle of summer, so i'm going to make it a goal to hang out with him this month.
I spent my evening in East Peoria talking with Katie the whole night. I'm really glad that shes like my best friend. I really needed that, especially right now, i'm tired of this whole "having a best friend for a month" thing and then they leave. Katie is Sagan's cousin, if that helps any of you to know who im talking about. She might have to move to Mackinaw again. I really hope not.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE!! <3 [29 Sep 2004|10:05am]
i havent updated in forever and im home sick so i decided i would. i had to go to the hospital type place yesterday but they never told me what was wrong with me. okay anyways SENSES FAIL was so freaking awsome! Lorellins entry about it basically explains it all so im not gonig to go into detail. We started off our day with pirates (might i add that lorellin, jeff and andy dressed gothic and it was sweet) and then we found a secret beach!OUR secret beach! and i really wish that i could go back there.... right now. THEN we went to the metro and waited in line for about 3 hours but it was all worth it since we were like 3rd in line and got to stand in the front row about 2 feet from the stage. AHH IT WAS SO AWSOME! i didnt really like emanual all that much, but then again i couldnt hear their vocals at all. THE BLED rocked and the lead singer litereally held my hand for a few seconds while he was singing. then silverstin came on and they rocked too, even tho i only knew like 2 or 3 of their songs. the finally SENSES FAIL CAME ON AND THEY ROCKED THE STAGE LIKE NO TOMORROW! i love how much energy buddy and everyone else has. they all got me in such a awsome mood. after the show we completly budged in front of this 8f34yr73y7gt people line and i got a shirt. its not the coolest shirt but its the only one thy had in my size, so i got it anyways, and jeff got the same shirt as me. After that we went next door to the record shop and got to meet all of silverstein. they signed my cd and to the last guy i was like "ah thanks man" and he was like "no problem your cute" i completely melted. maybe it was just my imagination, but i swear thats what he said. he could have said "no problem nice boot" but i wasnt wearing boots, so i dont know why he would say that. so andy like left us but when we left the record shop buddy was standing RIGHT outside of the metro and almost no one was around him. so he signed my ticket and i took a picture of lorellin and jeff with him. then we went back to the car and andy was there so we were like "Did you meet buddy?" and he was like "NO" and then sprinted out of the car and got his shirt signed. The ride home was peacefull, i really liked it.. i remember falling asleep listening to franks theme song.. and then waking up to mad world.. it was awsome. i loved every inch of that day. i love lorellin, jeff, and yes, even andy for making my day so raw.

Then satuerday, i slept in and then showered. got a call from jake and met him downtown. we went to go see the forgotten but it sucked ass. i introduced him to the lovely world of college food courts. then we met tj at jakes and later i went home.

sunday i didnt really do much. but at night i went to rachels house and we had a bonfire. i loved it because i havent hung out with rachel and jess for a long time.

Today is Laurie's birthday :]
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