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i havent updated in forever and im home sick so i decided i would. i had to go to the hospital type place yesterday but they never told me what was wrong with me. okay anyways SENSES FAIL was so freaking awsome! Lorellins entry about it basically explains it all so im not gonig to go into detail. We started off our day with pirates (might i add that lorellin, jeff and andy dressed gothic and it was sweet) and then we found a secret beach!OUR secret beach! and i really wish that i could go back there.... right now. THEN we went to the metro and waited in line for about 3 hours but it was all worth it since we were like 3rd in line and got to stand in the front row about 2 feet from the stage. AHH IT WAS SO AWSOME! i didnt really like emanual all that much, but then again i couldnt hear their vocals at all. THE BLED rocked and the lead singer litereally held my hand for a few seconds while he was singing. then silverstin came on and they rocked too, even tho i only knew like 2 or 3 of their songs. the finally SENSES FAIL CAME ON AND THEY ROCKED THE STAGE LIKE NO TOMORROW! i love how much energy buddy and everyone else has. they all got me in such a awsome mood. after the show we completly budged in front of this 8f34yr73y7gt people line and i got a shirt. its not the coolest shirt but its the only one thy had in my size, so i got it anyways, and jeff got the same shirt as me. After that we went next door to the record shop and got to meet all of silverstein. they signed my cd and to the last guy i was like "ah thanks man" and he was like "no problem your cute" i completely melted. maybe it was just my imagination, but i swear thats what he said. he could have said "no problem nice boot" but i wasnt wearing boots, so i dont know why he would say that. so andy like left us but when we left the record shop buddy was standing RIGHT outside of the metro and almost no one was around him. so he signed my ticket and i took a picture of lorellin and jeff with him. then we went back to the car and andy was there so we were like "Did you meet buddy?" and he was like "NO" and then sprinted out of the car and got his shirt signed. The ride home was peacefull, i really liked it.. i remember falling asleep listening to franks theme song.. and then waking up to mad world.. it was awsome. i loved every inch of that day. i love lorellin, jeff, and yes, even andy for making my day so raw.

Then satuerday, i slept in and then showered. got a call from jake and met him downtown. we went to go see the forgotten but it sucked ass. i introduced him to the lovely world of college food courts. then we met tj at jakes and later i went home.

sunday i didnt really do much. but at night i went to rachels house and we had a bonfire. i loved it because i havent hung out with rachel and jess for a long time.

Today is Laurie's birthday :]
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